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A Fun Wedding – Guys Bring Realistic Sex Dolls

by Angelia

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Posted on February 28, 2022

A Fun Wedding – Guys Bring Realistic Sex Dolls

life size tpe love doll

Marriage is a very sacred thing.In the weddings we are familiar with, both men and women are involved, and in the following story, the protagonist’s wedding object is full-scale lifelike sex doll. Let’s see. How is this going.

A message on the Internet has aroused discussions among people from all walks of life. According to veteran reporters, it’s a man in his forties, the men on this list, and his own real-life love doll. A small wedding was held in his own home. The people who attend the wedding are mainly their closest family and friends. Many people have different views on this matter. Some people say that such a thing may be against common sense, and some people say that it is someone else’s business. Most people have no way to interfere. Such a wedding has attracted a lot of attention.

The reason why this man is wearing a life-size silicone doll. Because the local conditions are not particularly good, I did not find a better wife when I was young. I’ve been single and married because I’ve been hurt for a long time. They left himself for various reasons, so he didn’t have a good impression of women, but he had this need, so he came to our sex doll shop with a friend’s introduction. After finding the specific sales route, I bought this quiet full-size realistic doll directly in our store. This product has many functions, not only the simulation degree is as high as more than 95%, but also in terms of height and body structure. love it.

The man said he was willing to spend the rest of his life with the physical doll. In combination, this product works very well and can avoid some of the problems that real women encounter in their lives. It is a product that is very suitable for yourself and can also make yourself work. In life, I became more comfortable and stopped worrying about little things.

So, with the support of my family, I married this most expensive physical doll. I’m very happy with the state I’m in now, because it’s the equivalent of having my own wife. This is actually an emotional sustenance. In society, such things are not uncommon. While most people are not married to this product, their pinning is on this product.

It is fun for a man like this to marry a realistic doll, but with the development of sex dolls and various factors in society, more and more people tend to buy realistic doll sizes, more realistic skin, and simulated private vaginas , can also satisfy their sexual desires without complaining about their own sexual abilities. People who haven’t had a girlfriend for a long time are more inclined to buy realistic dolls. They don’t need to spend much time thinking about each other’s feelings. Real sex dolls just need good care from them.

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