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An Australian man whose marriage failed is living with a sex doll

by Angelia

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The Daily Mail has reported on an Australian man living with a sex doll and his insight into the relationship is astounding.

First a little background. Sex dolls have been around for a long time and seem to be commonplace in more open European and American societies. But some people think that this actually transcends the relationship between people and things, so that the existence of sex dolls replaces the existence of people.

These people are almost all middle-aged and elderly men who have been stigmatized by the outside world and labeled as “little people” or “losers” by social traditions. However, there have been many reports in recent years that sex dolls are entering the public eye, because related doll manufacturing factories have been able to assemble sex dolls with more realistic appearance, and the addition of artificial intelligence technology is expected to bring them more human-like Feel.

married life with sex dolls

The Australian man named Murray revealed to the media about his relationship with sex dolls, from which we can see how sex doll owners can become normal and how to get along naturally with non-traditional partners. Murray liked his doll so much that he named it Nonni.

“No one loves her like I do,” he said in an interview.

“Every time I get home, it’s in the house. Thank God, the house isn’t empty! It’s not empty! It doesn’t even feel very quiet,” Murray explained. He regards the doll as a companion and accompanies him through a rough life, just like many people have girlfriends. “It took me over a year to learn how to handle and manage dolls, how to get along with sex dolls,” Murray revealed.

That’s not to say dolls are bad. Murray stressed that getting along with dolls is actually no easier than getting along with natural people. “It’s an inexplicable emotional connection. In those moments, it’s become a person, like a person,” Murray said, trying to find the right words to enrich his meaning.

Married life and sex dolls 1

Murray admits that while he’s happy with the status quo, it’s not entirely ideal to have someone who can’t give love. But he also believes that the real thing “is not always readily available”. A real person would be the best if one had plenty of options, but people don’t always do that.

In fact, Murray is a loner, and judging from his last sentence, he seems to be the first to admit that he’s not very successful with the opposite sex. In fact, he stated in the interview that he has been divorced 3 times. So, he decided to buy a doll and create his own romantic happiness in his own way.

He’s not hurting society in any way – in fact, he seems like a pretty decent guy on the show. So why should anyone judge him? Here is a piece of advice to society: stop discrimination against sex dolls!

Married life and sex dolls 2jpg

Although it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Many tech news reports say the overall relationship with sex dolls will grow exponentially as robotics and more advanced computing allow them to “think” and act independently.

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