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How is the operation of the Adult Sex Doll Experience Center?

by Angelia

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Realistic Beauty Silicone TPE Sex Dolls,… Live Models, Dubbing, Various Face Shapes for You to Choose… This is a solicitation advertisement released by Mr. Chen in China’s WeChat Moments. He established the sex doll experience hall, which will officially open in Zhengzhou, China in two days. Dress up sex dolls as real people and serve customers. This kind of project is called “sex doll experience hall” in the industry. It first appeared in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and gradually appeared in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities. For a while, many interested people went to “try the early adopters”.

158cm Full Size Real Sex Doll �Hayu
158cm full size real sex doll – Hayu

Problems in operation: The legality of the operation of sex doll experience centers has always been a matter of concern. The reason is that it provides sexual services. Many people associate it with “prostitution”.
Netizens who have read the law said that according to Chinese law, prostitution emphasizes a living natural person and must occur between two people, while a sex doll is a toy and does not legally belong to a natural person. Feeling, so they can’t be dealt with on this charge. As a new thing, the business model of the sex doll experience center remains to be seen, and there are indeed no clear laws and regulations to regulate its behavior.

160cm Lifelike Full Body Solid Male Sex Doll �Blake
160cm Lifelike Full Body Solid Male Sex Doll �Blake

I found a restaurant and saw a sex doll experience hall.The bed in the room is full height realistic love doll, more advanced than inflatable dolls. Recently, a Weibo netizen posted that when he was looking for a restaurant on the life service platform, he found a recommendation from a sex doll experience center. On a life service platform, consumers often share their feelings about experiential dolls: “It’s so novel, there is such a thing.”

Now searching on the homepage of the life service platform, it is found that similar sex doll experience centers have appeared in many popular domestic cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, and Chengdu. Among the above cities, there are as many as 30 or 40, and there are also a few. More than a dozen, these stores often appear under the “novelty experience” column. Even if you don’t enter a keyword, the system will automatically pop up and rank in the top few.

160cm (5ft3� Small Breast Lifelike Love Doll �Kasandra
160cm (5ft3� Small Breast Lifelike Love Doll �Kasandra

Judging from the information displayed by the merchants at present, they provide different styles of realistic sex doll experience services according to the duration of the products and services. Average single charges range from $100 to $500.Some merchants have also launched sex doll rental Serve. For retail products, some stores have more than 600 transactions a month.

According to observations, on a certain life service platform, in order to attract traffic, many sex doll experience centers have typed keywords such as “SPA” and “conservation and conditioning”. Sex doll experience hall, located in the new community. The first time I communicated with the merchant on the phone, the other party told me that I needed to make an appointment for the experience store in advance, which was the address reserved by the platform.

Sexy most realistic sex doll 169cm/5ft7 �Celiana
Sexy most realistic sex doll 169cm/5ft7 �Celiana

According to the appointment time, after I arrived at the community where the experience center is located, someone took me to an apartment building in the community. A few minutes later, we took the elevator to the experience hall together, put on shoe covers after entering the room, and showed me the room.
This experience hall is more like a small family hotel, with living room, kitchen and bathroom. The main room greets me and guests, and the other three rooms are used for business events. Each room has a different style. Sex dolls, some tall and plump, some cute and cute, all wear sexy clothes for everyone to choose from.

Life Like LoveDoll Elegant Blonde Sex Doll 158CM (3)
Life Like Love Doll Elegant Blonde Sex Doll 158cm �Lois

Many people are concerned about the hygiene of the sex doll experience hall. An anonymous netizen asked online: Are the dolls in the sex doll experience hall clean? Under this thread, a user left a message saying that he went to a physical store to wear a condom, but the quality of the condom was not good enough. In order to ensure hygiene, the experience store I came to implements “one customer, one disinfection”. Sheets and pillows are changed once. Although the sex doll is a shared type, it will give you two condoms to give you peace of mind.

So how are these sex doll experience halls cleaned and disinfected?

The owner of this sex doll experience center told me that every time the customer experience is over, they take out the sex doll’s lower body channel, and then clean the inside and body of the doll with water, body wash, disinfectant, etc. doll, and then suck it up with a sponge. Dry the water, and finally, open a new channel and put it into the lower body of the doll. The whole process takes about half an hour.

158cm B Cup Small Breast Beauty Doll - Ayako
158cm B Cup Small Breast Beauty Doll – Ayako

In recent months to the present, the popularity of the sex doll experience hall has not shrunk at all. On the contrary, the low investment of this project has attracted the attention of many investors, so a large number of shops have been opened. Some of the “older shops” that have been in business for a few months are beyond my expectations. From the rush at the beginning to now the process is even standardized. Not only does it speed up efficiency, but it also avoids some mismanagement. It can be seen that the operators have worked hard in this regard. This market research can be described as fruitful.

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