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How to avoid buying inferior fake sex dolls?

by Angelia

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A good rule we must follow when you want to buy your first sex doll is to avoid fake dolls and replicas. Let’s not go around in circles on this issue. If you want a realistic love doll, you might want to avoid some low-cost website dolls. While I’m sure there are occasional live dolls on these sites, for the most part the dolls listed on these sites are called dummies (they are replicas) and are not made from original molds, but Is made of poor quality possibly toxic materials. Either that or they will trick you with stolen photos and offer something else if you get a courier.

Avoid fake sex doll scams

Sex dolls are like any product. There are various manufacturers, as complex value products, but the price does not vary too much. If the price is cheap, beware of sex doll scams to avoid getting scammed.

Here are the five main factors that determine the quality of a sex doll:

  • material quality
  • Detailed description
  • business information
  • Shipping options
  • customer service

The overall quality of the sex doll

While all products are made for profit, the manufacture of sex dolls requires love, ingenuity and attention, and can be considered a category of art.

Some premium sex dolls and brand owners have strong ties to the art world. Some might argue that sculptors and special effects specialists have nothing to do with sex dolls, but in reality, making sex dolls is a form of artistic expression. like any other art carrier. What they have in common is an appreciation for human beauty and a natural desire for the perfection of human fragile bodies, as well as a constant attempt to find spiritual elements in nature and human creation.

Avoid fake sex doll scams 2

Modern manufacturing methods and technologies have made production easier, and branded factory-produced sex dolls are basically of the same quality as those produced in sophisticated studios.

sex doll details

This may be a point where you need to pay special attention to distinguish between cheap sex dolls and good quality sex dolls.

“Counterfeit” – Dolls from unknown factories are often made from stolen molds. If you don’t look closely, they may look exactly like real people, but you will see that they are different, not the same doll. a feeling. Finishing, molding techniques, materials used, softeners, and final doll detailing and makeup all vary widely.

Some small workshops use the method of “copying” to buy sex doll making molds in the market. Molds are never as fine-tuned as factory-made or artist-engraved originals.

Avoid fake sex doll scams 1

At the same time, details, skills and talents will vary. You can’t expect a $300 sex doll and a $1000 doll to use the same craftsmanship, use the same materials and components, and be made by the same workers.

Sophistication and small details make the doll look more realistic, from the prominent joints to the coloring of various parts, lashes, nails, hairstyles, to the final makeup. A lot of work makes sex dolls look realistic. If you prefer an “anime” or “unreal” style then overall harmony is paramount and making sex dolls takes a lot of work.

Here are some metrics:

  • display marketing
  • Attention to detail
  • Sales channels
  • customer service
  • “Backstage” photo
  • The actual finished photo (unretouched, original)

sex doll frame

There are many functions that make a high-quality metal stand or frame, and some of these characteristics are a measure of quality:

  • Material
  • federated system
  • Durability
  • flexibility
  • weight

sex doll transport

Does the doll supplier have overseas sex doll warehouses or sex doll European warehouses in the US, or can they be picked up at a UPS/FedEx delivery point? Customs or domestic shipping? Cardboard box or ordinary corrugated paper? Shipping domestically or overseas? Immediate delivery or make-to-order? Is a 2-4 week lead time suitable or too long? When should I start paying attention? With so many choices, so many sex doll suppliers, the potential for error is high. Try to choose safe, prudent and reasonable means of transportation.

You can also highlight the company’s description of the sex doll store to ensure transparency in the information provided by your sex doll company. ESDOLL editor made a rough analysis of how to choose dolls, hoping to help customers who love sex dolls.

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