Home » [html_block id=”221684″] (Popularity Rate: 45 ) Lillian(32years) ooking after and caring for other people. The old men are especially close to my heart.They always make me laugh. Some of them are pretty cheeky, which I really like, I have to admit. Some of the men are obviously after my big ass and insist on giving me a pat on the bum every now and then. I secretly enjoy it a lot. And I return the favor to some of the old men.’, “For example, I might wash their privates more thoroughly than necessary. I really don’t mind this special care for men. It also turns me on to see the gentlemen get horny, when they look at my cleavage or when I wash them. Even in old age, men still have sexual needs and long to satisfy them. How could I say no to a great ride or refuse a blowjob?”, ‘I often earn some extra money that way. Some gentlemen give me jewelry or gifts of money which they lovingly hide in a box of chocolates. Now you know why I have such a big ass.’, “I enjoy seducing the old men and having sex with them. But I have to admit that I also really want a partner who can keep up with me in bed and who might take the wheel sometimes. I’m actually very keen to experiment in bed and that would be too much excitement for the old men. Are you keen to experiment, too?”, “In my free time, I like to go to the health spa. In the evenings, I like to spend my time with a good glass of wine and a funny film or an exciting book. I like reading crime novels. I also like to cuddle. Unfortunately, I don’t have the right partner for that. How about if we cook som (Popularity Rate: 22 ) Why do crossdressers like sex toys? with a cross dresser or just something you heard? They really have nothing to do with each other. Cross dressing is simply the desire to wear clothing of the opposite sex. Sex toys are meant to give additional pleasure to one during sexual relations or masturbation. I do not understand why the clothes you were wearing before you started to use the sex toy has anything to do with the desire to use sex toys. As a side note, it is likely that women use more sex toys then men but this has nothing to do with the Female Sex Dollsclothes they are wearing. It is only because their bodies are better suited for such stimulation. Technology is catching up with this and there is starting to appear better sex toys for men. Unfortunately the biggest advances for sex toys for men appears to be sex bots which can be pu (Popularity Rate: 32 ) What are your thoughts on Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany telling Fox News host Sandra Smith on Wednesday that President Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is a “big dealâ€? with so little knowlege about the prize herself. Just to make things straight I have no idea about Americian politics, or do I wish to be involved. But, I am a citizen of the country that gives out the Nobel Peace Prize award, so I felt it was important to explain, as this statement is so misleading. I checked KE out and it astonished me to see that she actually has attended Harvard Law school. Apparently she has a BSFS in International politics, from Georgetown University, and has previously worked in media Fox news and CNN. She obviously hasn’t travelled – or done her homework on the Nobel Peace prize. Good grief what are they teaching young students over the pond I thought. And she is 32 years of age. The Nobel Peace Prize award is not just to be given to Americian Presidents. It is an International award which is presented to candidates from ‘’all over the world.’â€?Only a year ago we heard that President Trump thought he should be given the award for denuclearizing North Korea 🤦🏻 And recently these tweets appeared. Never in a million years will Norway give an award to any person in the world with this attitude. Moving the US Embassy to Israel, didn’t go well down in the middle east at all in International circles. Well here is some information about the Nobel Peace prize. Alfred Nobel was Swedish and a trained chemical engineer. It is unclear why he wished the peace prize to be administrered in Norway, which was ruled in union at the time with Sweden, when he died in 1896. It is speculated that he considered Norway was better suited as it did not have the same militaristic traditions as Sweden. At the end of the 19th century Norway became closely involved in the Inter – Parliamentary Union’s efforts to resolve conflicts though mediation and arbitration. The idea behind this prize is of course PEACE – awarded to a person ‘â€?who in the PRECEDING year shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between Nations ‘â€?â€?The prize has been awarded 100 times since 1901. The process of selection. The Nobel Committee prepares to receive nominations. And of those who are qualified to nominate. Deadline for submission is the 31st January each year. As most of you will understand the nominations for 2020 expired eight months ago. This year there were 318 candidates. The names of the nominees are never announced, due to the 50 year secrecy rule. A shorter list is prepared during the months from February to March, where the committee of five people assets the candidates work. This is a thorough – going discussion where information and updates are required from experts often from foreign countries. The five members of the committee are elected by Parliament. From March to August the process of candidate reviews. Finally after a major vote is made It is announced in October. So, this years award has not yet been announced. After the award is announced then the award ceremony is held in Oslo in December. This is a huge event where families and friends and colleague’s to the awarded are often present, with members of the Norwegian Parliament, Royals and different institutions and organizations. It is held in Oslo’s City Hall. Later afternoon after this prestigious award is presented and the ceremony with classical music and speeches are over, the Norwegian people arrange a torchlight prosession in honour of the award winner. In December it is winter in Norway, so it is quite a sight to sex red hair watch. The winner and his wife- husband or a close member of the family, stand out on the nobel suite balcony at the Grand Hotel on the main Street in Oslo to accept the applause from the people. An extremely popular award winner in 2014 and the youngest ever was Malala – ♥️ A concert during the evening with the ‘â€?laureate ‘â€?and prominent guests. It is broadcasted to a global audience and reaches up to 350 million households in a 100 countries. It is a Musical tribute and includes performances by artists representing several different cultures from different corners of the world. It truly is a spectacular event â€?💥💥💥 So – back to Kayleigh McEnany. Well most of you will now realize that the announcement made of President Trump as being the upcoming candidate is a huge PR stunt. The award for 2020 is yet to be announced, and Trump is NOT on the list of the ‘â€?18’â€?candidates that have been nominated. Nominees never announce names of candidates, and to speculate that a Big Booty Sex Dollperson should get it at the end of 2021 is quite ridiculous. That depends on who is nominated and qualifies, according to the procedure next year. This has been done to create ‘â€?bless ‘â€?- around the elections in the US, which is entirely against the award purpose. The award presented for peace in the middle east 26 years ago lead to nothing. In October 2021 an announcement will be made – after reviewing another 3â€?00 potential candidates. So what do Norwegians think about all of this – We shake our heads. The Nobel Peace prize is given to a person or an organization that is genuinly interested in accomplishing ‘’PEACE IN THE WORLD ‘â€?As we all know peace starts in ones own country first. Whoever wins the election in the US, whether it be Trump or Biden, have a huge task ahead. Miss Kayleigh should be focusing on the current pandemic situation – violence – brutality and protests in the US, instead of fooling – forging the Americian peo Anime Sex Doll Mini Sex Doll Cheap Sex Doll Love Doll (Popularity Rate: 26 ) My girlfriend wants me to get a second girlfriend, not for love, but for sex, because she can’t keep up with my sex drive. How should I respond? nd of horrifying your girlfriend has no qualms about “using” people just for sex and disregarding their feelings or humanity. She is also asking you to be inhuman as well and not to have any feelings for your sexual partners beyond her, in essence, turning you into her private sex bot that she can program and control emotional responses to. Of the two of you, her mental health issues are far scarier. Her total disregard for both you and this hypothetical mistress’ feelings is appalling. Her manipulative comment about only giving you sex to make you happy (not because she enjoys sex with you) is also telling, not in a good way. Healthy, open relationships do not use sex as a manipulative tool or a control device, which is what her comment about only having sex with you out of PITY was about. Not actual care for you as a person or partner. Sounds like she is using sex the way dog owners use treats. Polyamory, open relationships, swinging, whatever works for others, is fine as long as it is clearly communicated, and consensual between all parties involved. Nothing wrong with more than one partner as long as it is between consenting adults given all the pertinent facts. That actually isn’t the issue. Neither is having a high sex drive. The fact she seems to think she can control you and another person’s feelings and emotions, the fact she thinks she can dictate how things will be, the fact she sees other humans as disposable items, and is using sex to control and manipulate you are bigger concerns. I get why people would want multiple partners, sex is fun and the more the better for some. But ask yourself what type of person would sign up to be a live-in sex toy to be used and disposed of without a care by other people? The answer, not sex red hair a mentally or emotionally healthy one. Especially since your girlfriend is suggesting always treating this person as a 3rd wheel and more like a pet than a human. Hate to tell you this, but your “amazing” relationship is already wrecked. You having sex with other women will only sink a damaged ship. It hit the iceburg a long time ago, you just didn’t realize it. If you follow through with your girlfriend’s “plan” and are actually able to find someone willing to sign up to be a breathing sex toy, expect lots of problems, coming from your girlfriend, every fight will be worse, every little thing will be suspect, and any sign your (Popularity Rate: 41 ) What are your thoughts about child sex dolls? Designed to look and feel just like young girls, these are completely legal, sold online to customers across the globe. Child sex doll-makers claim that they ‘stop pedophiles committing crimes’. be right. But it’s wrong to compare sexual desire to drugs or other things. Let’s be clear about this – someone can be a pedophile and not be a sex offender. It’s hard to remove the heat from the light with this situation. Pedophiles have a recognized mental condition. Perhaps they can keep it in check. Perhaps not. I think it’s an extremely difficult situation for society. Feelings and desires cannot be judged as right or wrong – they exist because they can. Pedophiles are not like rapists. Rape is a behavior. Pedophilia is a condition of sexually desiring prepubescent children. But pedophiles can no more control their feelings than heterosexuals or homosexuals. But it’s not the feelings we judge – it’s the behavior. If someone is a pedophile, are they not compelled, to sooner or later, act on their desires? Are their desires as strong as that of homosexuals, who risk ridicule, beating and death to meet in dark alleys or restrooms or other secretive places to get what they must have? Are not heterosexuals ardent in their desire to copulate with members of the opposite sex and go to ridiculous lengths to achieve that goal? Isn’t the desire for sexual congress one of the most powerful forces in us? But pedophiles have no outlet at all. There is no way they can satisfy their desires legally, morally or ethically. If you look at lobbying groups like NAMBLA who seek to decriminalize “consensualâ€?sex with underage boys you will see the lengths they will go to in order to justify, rationalize, realize their desires. It’s sickening to look at their literature let alone think about what they are trying to accomplish. But they cannot help their feelings. They can only control their behaviors. And in my mind, that’s a losing battle. Sooner or later pedophiles MUST seek relief, real satisfaction for their desires, just as heterosexuals must, sooner or later, or at least do. Pedophiles themselves are not bad people or guilty of anything. But their acting out their desires in real life, if left unchecked, is revolting and abhorrent. One could or would never trust their child to the most well-behaved, well-intentioned, moral pedophile. It might be ok this time, even next time, even 100 times – but how could you knowingly take that risk? It reminds me of the shark in the movie “Finding Nemoâ€?that is trying to wean himself off fish as food. How long do you think he will be successful eating seaweed? It’s the same thing with pedophiles with sex dolls. How could you risk it? That being said, I think child sex dolls are NOT a mechanism of relief for pedophiles. I think they are nothing more than an appetizer, a whet for their desires. Do I know this? No, I don’t. But I look over my own life of “normalâ€?sexual desire and the lengths I would go to in order to meet a woman and I realize that sex is not like drugs. You can smoke pot and not become a heroin addict. But you can’t just look at porn and not want more with a real woman. I don’t think you can use sex toys and not want to go out and find the real thing. I think that the more these substitutes are used the more a pedophile must desire the real thing. I think these sex dolls are just starting the motor and the owner must someday go for that “driveâ€?once it’s started. I don’t know this. It’s an opinion. As a society we need to consider how to treat both chaste and offending pedophiles. We have seen over and over that sex offenders who get out of prison become recidivists. Even knowing what prison holds in store for them they are compelled to satisfy their desires. They have poor behavior and impulse control. What do we do with these people? Do we imprison offenders for life, knowing they will probably return to their ways if we let them out? We place all kinds of restrictions on them when they get out of jail – and it seems to fail to stop them. A 2004 study by Hanson and Morton-Bourgon indicated there is a 37 percent chance that sex offenders will repeat their actions withing 5 years of release from prison. Are pedophiles a bomb waiting to go off? It is a case of “whenâ€?not “ifâ€?with them? I don’t think it’s fair to condemn them for their condition. But I could and never would condone their being around children, and I simply cannot believe that providing artificial stimulus through sex dolls is anything but tempting them and goading them to seek satisfaction in real children. For that reas (Popularity Rate: 16 ) What size toys do you prefer? where size is concerned it’s a real treat and turn-on for me to use something large and girthy. I am a size queen[1] and prefer to be stretched out and pushed to my limits. However, that doesn’t mean I do