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Sex dolls help heal loneliness, depression and anxiety

by Angelia

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In the non-medical realm, loneliness and its attendant increased health risks have not gone unnoticed. In 2017, former US health secretary Vivic Murty published an article on work and loneliness in the Harvard Business Review. “In my years of caring for patients, the most common disease was not heart disease or diabetes, but loneliness,” he noted. “Since the 1980s, that loneliness has doubled.”

Now that the harmful effects of loneliness are being recognized and proven, what should we do? According to ESDOLL editors, sex dolls may provide emotional support. It looks real, provides real and authentic facial expressions, and can play a major role in combating loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

Even the sheer presence of sex dolls, reminding us of people we cherish, people we like, can have a very beneficial effect on a person’s emotional stability and balance. It is unknown, inconclusive, and unable to make any medical claims, but it can be asserted that high-quality sex dolls can be playmates in life and can emotionally replace a relationship, even if only temporarily.

We’d like to see some medical research, or at least some sociological research, that can really measure the benefits of sex dolls. Photography and fashion modeling are among the most popular uses for sex dolls. Many people find happiness and satisfaction in using sex dolls as models and exploring their photography and fashion skills. This is a great example of how sex dolls can positively impact and change people’s lives.

Of course there are physical components, but that’s not a necessary use. This is an optional opportunity. We want to choose this way. We believe that ES Doll’s well-designed and high-quality original dolls will soon become a new treatment for people with depression, relationship anxiety, self-awareness and disorders.

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