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by Angelia

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11 lines SM-170/G is a life-size female love doll from SM Doll sex dolls for sale . She measures about 170 cm and weighs approx. 55 kg (manufacturer’s specification). The SM-170/G is made of TPE and has a movable metal skeleton with hinges. Body Measurements: 99 cm × 77 cm × 106 cm (BWH) / 73 cm (under bust) / 65 cm (arm length) / 23 cm (foot length).

According to Mr. Du, France, the United States, and Italy were the most active markets in the past four months, and domestic sales began to stabilize as China was able to control the infection through the novel coronavirus and containment measures. They become more flexible. mini sex doll Many single doll owners store their love dolls in the bed, not only is this an easy option and means you don’t have to look for extra space or buy extra storage, it also means you can spend the night with your doll from Benefit from hugs.

Many women and men of all ages and statuses are purchasing sex dolls as a way to satisfy their sexual desires and fantasies, as an option for human sex workers. That’s why TPE and silicone dolls are growing in popularity, but still controversial. Several manufacturers are even trying to integrate artificial intelligence into their sex dolls. cheap sex doll After evenly applying petroleum jelly or baby oil, continue to aim the heat gun at the damaged skin. It is important to note that you have to pay attention to the distance between the doll skin and the heat gun. A distance of about four inches is recommended.

Lifelike I Cup Huge Boobs Cartoon Love Doll

But perhaps the most interesting Covid-19-related development in the sex industry comes from the MedFetUK medical fetish website.

The skin has a delicate texture that can only be truly appreciated up close and in the flesh. Visible dimples and pores make her very realistic. Added some texture, but I personally like it a lot since the skin tone is slightly darker and not overly blue and highlighted. The painting of the skin adds texture to the skin in a nice way.

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