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by Angelia

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At Cloud CherryPieSexDoll.com®, we believe that dropshipping dolls is a very bad form. We have our UK warehouse where we import all our dolls so we can inspect them before they reach our customers. We do this for many reasons. mini sex doll Michelle has the body and shape that every woman on the planet can only dream of. Her waist is protruding, her boobs are lovely, and her ass is sexy. There was a playful expression on her face, but she was hiding more than enough behind that beautiful blonde hair.Her sexy red lingerie gives way to a seductive 14cm cock with an erection waiting for you to experience

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There are tons of sex dolls on the site. They do a great job of arranging their dolls by size; we think this is the right thing to do as some buyers are picky about the size of the dolls they buy. Sizes vary from 135 cm to 172 cm. The doll quality is above average, not the best but also far from terrible. They also have parts available for custom purposes. There are plenty of great options for baby faces and wigs, but unfortunately the selection of clothing and other accessories is sorely lacking.

A leading sex doll retailer called Sex Doll Genie noted a significant increase in orders over the past few months. Purchases by heterosexual couples in April have been up 33.2 years from a year earlier. However, February and March were able to break previous sales records.

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