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Which country has the most searches for “sex doll”?

by Angelia

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What connects the countries of the world? In addition to the differences between Eastern and Western cultures, many people have a clear interest in sex dolls, at least from the search data of various channels.

ESDOLL analyzes search volume and relevance “Sex Doll” Vocabulary In the local translation, then divide by the number of people who googled. The findings provide a lot of interesting information. For example Australia’s No. 1 ranking is a bit eye-opening, and India, where sex dolls are banned, is No. 7, which is equally interesting. It is no surprise that the Nordic countries occupy the top five, because European countries are open to people’s customs and habits, so they tend to be at the top of the ranking of general adult products.Which country has the most searches for sex dolls

The data report focuses only on the generic term “sex doll” and does not take into account preferences such as keywords and long-tail terms. But it does give us an insight into which countries and regions like these products: economically developed countries, with a high degree of openness and freedom in society.

The U.S. is only fifth, but the U.S. is still by far the largest american sex doll market. Of course, this is mainly because mainland China cannot use Google to search, and China is temporarily unable to obtain “sex dolls” on relevant websites or elsewhere. Search data.

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But one thing is unquestionable, that China is the world’s largest producer of sex dolls, with hundreds of thousands of sex dolls being sent to other countries every year. In addition, since the epidemic, there has been enough consumption data to show that Chinese people buy sex dolls in large quantities, China’s economy is developing rapidly, and its transportation and logistics are also leading the world, so there will be no import concerns. In this way, China is likely to surpass the United States as the world’s largest sex doll market.

In the data report, France ranks 18th among the remaining five permanent members of the United Nations, followed by the United Kingdom and Russia at 19th and 20th, respectively. As a big country of otaku, Japan only ranks second in search volume. Maybe these two dimensions and numbers are more attractive to them. The report surveyed 44 of the world’s most Google searched countries and territories and found that many countries use the English word “sex doll” as well as local words. In some cases, English is more common on adult products.

One of the most surprising top 10 is Brunei in Southeast Asia. The oil-rich nation of 470,000 people is a conservative and hard-line Islamic state, where people seem to have a strong obsession with sex dolls.Interestingly, Brunei produces a lot of oil and rubber, both of which are biomass making sex dolls.

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Another country worth exploring is Israel. Why do they like sex dolls so much? Maybe because of the long-term civil unrest, many people shun the opposite sex, but aren’t they in the military? Maybe this is what they really think: love, not war!

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